RainbowUndead's Medals

Total Medals Earned: 2 (From 1 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 20 Points

A Viking's Tale

Helheim Unlocked 9/21/20
10 Points
Realm Of The Dead
Yggdrasil Tree Unlocked 9/21/20
10 Points
9 Realms
Hugin 5 Points Kill Odin's Raven Spy Hugin
Munin 5 Points Kill Odin's Raven Spy Munin
Odin 5 Points The Allfather
Adventurer 10 Points Unlock All Treasure Chests
Ancient Tomb 10 Points Discover The Ancient Tomb
Attack! 10 Points Burn and Pillage
Bite The Hand That Feeds 10 Points Find Tyr's Warrior Rune
Book Of Nornir 10 Points Goddesses Of Fate
Death 10 Points Defeat The Undead Warrior
Dwarven Forge 10 Points Unmatched Craftsmanship
God Of Light 10 Points It Is Said That Even Gods Must Die
God Of Poetry 10 Points Read Bragi's Poem
Guardian 10 Points The Mighty Sound Of Gjallarhorn
Inner Demon 10 Points Defeat Your Darkness
Prosperous 10 Points Buy All Of Yeveth's Items For Sale
Ragnarok 10 Points Cataclysmic Destruction
Reunited 10 Points Reunite Sisters Rikvi and Gunnhild
Rune Master 10 Points Find Olaf 3 Runes Of Great Power
Sea Journey 10 Points Help Edgar Journey Across The Alfheim Sea
Surtr 10 Points The Aesir Will Burn
Thunderous Treasure 10 Points Never Underestimate The Dwarves
Warrior Axe 10 Points Forge The Warrior Axe
Skuld 25 Points Complete Norn Sister Skuld's Puzzle To View Your Future
Urd 25 Points Complete Norn Sister Urd's Puzzle To View Your Past
Verdandi 25 Points Complete Norn Sister Verdandi's Puzzle To View Your Present
Devour 50 Points Break Fenrir's Shackles
Fimbulwinter 50 Points Harness The Power Of An Ancient Item
Vengeance 100 Points A Viking's Tale

Medals Earned: 2/30 (20/500 points)